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Sthree Sangatan

Sthree Sangatan

StreeSangathan, translated as "Women's Organization," is a vital component of the Catholic Church's commitment to gender equality and women's empowerment. Founded on the principles of faith, service, and community, StreeSangathan plays a crucial role in fostering the active participation and leadership of women within the Church and society.

The mission of StreeSangathan is to empower women to fully embrace their gifts and talents, to actively participate in the life of the Church, and to contribute meaningfully to the building of a more just and compassionate world. Through education, advocacy, and pastoral support, StreeSangathan seeks to address the unique challenges faced by women and to promote their dignity and equality.

To provide spiritual formation and support for women in their journey of faith.
To promote gender equality and advocate for women's rights within the Church and society.
To create opportunities for women to develop leadership skills and take on roles of service and ministry.
To address issues affecting women, such as domestic violence, poverty, and discrimination, through education and advocacy.
To foster solidarity among women and promote a sense of belonging and sisterhood within the Church community.

StreeSangatan in Udupi Parish:
StreeSangatan in Udupi Parish was started in May 2012. It started with the vision of Women Empowerment. 35 women joined the Association. Dr Fred Mascarenhas was the spiritual Director and provided the necessary guidelines and support for all the members. An introduction of the Association with its objectives was given by Mrs Luna Roche, President of StreeSangatan, Mangalore Diocese.
Currently Mrs Ancilla Lewis and Mrs Prema Fernandes are Serving as the President & Secretary of Apoorva Mahasangha Udupi Unit.
Every 1st Tuesday of the Month, this association conducts its meeting. Various inputs and talks are given to the members present, like finance, law, health, politics & future of the children etc.
Self-help groups were started and are working efficiently. At present 10 women’s S.H.G are actively working, and members are getting benefits in the form of loans, organizing Food festivals and selling homemade food items and gathering funds. A lot of training has been conducted like, health, safety, finance, independence in life and other topics related to the betterment of women in Society.
Women are no longer weaker section of the society. They have stood equal in every aspect of life. Bishop Isaac Lobo of Udupi Diocese stresses on the Empowerment and better future of every less privileged women and always encourages women.
StreeSangathan stands as a beacon of hope and solidarity for women within the Catholic Church, inspiring them to embrace their God-given dignity and to actively engage in the life of the Church and society. By working together in faith and solidarity, women can truly make a difference in building a world where all are treated with dignity, respect, and equality.