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St Mary's English Medium School

St Mary's English Medium School

St. Mary's English Medium school Kannarpady Udupi-576103

St Mary’s English Medium School: A Narrative of Educational Excellence

Embarking on a humble journey guided by a devoted vision, St Mary’s English Medium School has consistently achieved remarkable milestones. This renowned co-educational institution, overseen by the Catholic Educational Society of Udupi Diocese (CESU), envisions nurturing socially responsible and morally upright global citizens. Rooted in a mission to draw out the best from students through academic and value education, the school has become an emblem of excellence and competence in the field of education.

Founded in 1984 within the premises of Mother of Sorrows church, Udupi, under the visionary leadership of Late V. Rev. Fr J P Tauro, the school has evolved under the successive guidance of dedicated correspondents. Celebrating its silver jubilee in 2009, the school marked a significant chapter by relocating to this spacious campus in the academic year 2010-11. In August 2013, the school obtained affiliation from the CBSE Board, New Delhi, and in 2016, it was elevated to a Senior Secondary school with Science and Commerce streams. To strengthen foundational education, St Mary’s Play School was inaugurated in 2023, aligning with the institutional changes recommended by NEP 2020. The management transitioned from CBE, Mangalore, to CESU on January 1, 2023.

Presently, the school has a promising student population of 1745, supported by a dedicated teaching staff of 74 and non-teaching staff of 49. St Mary’s consistently achieves outstanding results in academics, sports, art, and music, reflecting the institution's commitment to holistic development.

The management of the school was shifted from CBE, Mangalore, to the Catholic Educational Society, Udupi [CESU] with effect from January 1, 2023. Miss Myrtle L.F Lewis, in her 30 years of dedicated and fruitful service as principal, laid a solid foundation for the educational standard and the social reputation of the school. At present, V. Rev. Fr Charles Menezes, a visionary educationist and a renowned youth leader, is the correspondent & forerunner of this premier institution. The school is consistently achieving outstanding results in academics, sports, art & music with great caliber under the leadership of the present Principal Rev. Fr Johnson L Sequeira. The principal is competently assisted by Vice Principal Madam Rita Quadros with her vast experience. At present, the school has a promising student strength of 1745, which is facilitated by the teaching staff strength of 79 and non-teaching staff of 43.

Education at St Mary’s embodies an informal and student-friendly teaching methodology, fostering individual attention, open discussions, and spacious, well-ventilated classrooms that transform learning into a joyful experience. The school prioritizes hiring the best and experienced teachers, ensuring high academic proficiency. Regular capacity-building programs for teachers in collaboration with CBSE underscore the commitment to educational excellence.

St Mary’s offers state-of-the-art facilities, including advanced science labs, internet-enabled computer labs, a dedicated mathematics lab, and a thematically designed music room. Emphasizing sports and games, the school provides a vast playground and sophisticated facilities for both outdoor and indoor activities, promoting physical fitness and mental resilience. Work education holds a special place in the curriculum, imparting essential life skills through hands-on experiences for holistic growth.

Beyond academics, the school engages students in various club activities, fostering social responsibility and leadership skills. Weekly club meetings under NCC, Scouts and Guides, Cubs & BulBuls, and other banners serve this purpose. Subject and Language week celebrations, along with diverse training programs in classical dance, music, and arts, enhance students’ subject knowledge and skills. Events like St Mary’s Spell Bee and Prathibha Sinchana showcase and celebrate students’ talents.

The school actively participates in community outreach programs, visiting hospitals, orphanages, old age homes, and rehabilitation centers to instill values of service and charity. Communicative English classes by external experts enhance students' public speaking skills. Regular Open House-Parent Teachers’ meets provide opportunities for parents to assess their children’s progress and contribute to the teaching-learning process. An Educational Fund has been established to support financially challenged parents.

On the occasion of its Ruby Jubilee celebration, St Mary’s renews its commitment to elevating education and infrastructure to global standards. The school, with its excellent educational infrastructure and innovative approach, has earned a reputed name in Udupi District. St Mary’s remains dedicated to fostering moral integrity and holistic growth through student-centered methodology, creating a conducive environment for quality education. The dream is to witness vibrant, focused, and determined young individuals stepping into the larger society with confidence and courage. St Mary’s English Medium School continues to be a beacon of educational excellence, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

School Website : https://www.stmarysudupi.org