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Commercial Complex

Commercial Complex

Udupi Super Bazaar

The Udupi Super Bazaar was established by Fr. J. P. Tauro during his leadership from 1980 to 1988. This commercial venture was a crucial step towards achieving financial sustenance for the associated institution or organization. The Bazaar likely served as a means to generate funds to support various activities, projects, or the overall mission of the organization, possibly a religious institution or educational entity.

Christa Jyothi Complex

During the tenure of Fr. Antony Serrao from 1995 to 2004, the Christa Jyothi Complex was constructed. This complex, named after Christ's light, represented a significant expansion and development initiative. The purpose and functions of the Christa Jyothi Complex may include commercial activities, providing an additional source of income to contribute to the financial sustainability of the organization. The construction of such complexes is often a strategic move by institutions to diversify their revenue streams.

Vidya Jyothi Complex

Under the leadership of Fr. Antony Serrao (1995-2004), the Vidya Jyothi Complex was extended, specifically for commercial purposes. This extension reflected a deliberate effort to leverage the available space for economic activities that would support the organization's objectives. The Vidya Jyothi Complex, along with the Udupi Supper Bazaar and the Christa Jyothi Complex, showcased a comprehensive approach to financial sustainability, indicating the organization's commitment to adapting and thriving in a changing economic landscape.