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Church Choir

Church Choir

St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” Every devotional program needs singing to be considered worthy. St. Cecilia is the patroness of musicians.

The Udupi Parish Choir is one of the most popular and acclaimed choirs in the diocese. In the early years, there was no choir group as such, but the sacristan used to gather some people, both men and women, for practice during feasts like Christmas, Holy Week, Nativity of Mother Mary, New Year, and the Parish Feast, etc. There was no regular practice for Sundays and weekdays. It was the sacristan who led the singing during Mass on weekdays and Sundays. Since these hymns are very old, all people used to join the sacristan in singing.

The well-known singer-sacristan was Mr. Santhan, who used to lead the singing. This continued for many years, even during his successor, Mr. Baptist D’Souza's tenure. During Santhan's time, Mr. G.C. Rego and Mr. J.S. Lewis used to play the violin. Then came the era of Mr. R.J. Rosario, who came as an LIC officer to Udupi Division, and till his retirement, he continued to lead the group of youth, both men and women, helped by Mr. John Moras, who played the leg harmonium.

In the absence of any sacristan, the sisters of St. Cecily’s Convent led the choir group, which consisted of some young men and women of the parish. During this time, there was only one Mass on Sundays. The sisters used to invite Fr. Walter Albuquerque S.J. from Mangalore for practice with the choir group every Saturday. Later, Mr. Henry D’Silva, who was the leading member of the choir group during Mr. R.J. Rosario's tenure, started to lead the choir from the year 1991 till 2011, with the help of Mr. John Moras and his colleagues, singing in 3 voices - soprano, alto, and tenor.

After which, Mr. Kenneth Picardo skillfully directed the choir until 2012, when Mr. Dolphy Mascarenhas took full responsibility for the Udupi Parish Choir. He resigned from the post in 2017. Later, in 2017, Fr. Valerian Mendonca, Parish Priest of our church, took responsibility for the choir and served until he got transferred to Milagres Cathedral in 2020. At present, Mrs. Shaila Fernandes is in charge of the Udupi Parish Choir. Currently, there are 24 members in the parish choir and 22 members in the children's choir.

Our English choir is under the leadership of Mrs. Anindita Dauria Picardo, while Mr. Kenneth Picardo provides musical direction.