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Altar Boys

Altar Boys

Altar boys, often referred to as servers or acolytes, play a significant role in religious ceremonies across various Christian denominations. Their presence at the altar is a symbol of dedication, service, and reverence within the faith community.The tradition of altar boys dates back centuries, tracing its roots to the early Christian Church. Historically, young boys were selected from the congregation to assist clergy members during Mass or other religious services. This practice served not only as a means of involving youth in the church but also as a way to instill a sense of duty and devotion from an early age.

Role and Responsibilities:
Altar boys typically assist the priest or clergy in various capacities before, during, and after religious services. Their responsibilities may include:

• Preparing the Altar: Altar boys assist in setting up the altar before Mass, ensuring that necessary items such as candles, sacred vessels, and liturgical books are in place.
• Processional and Recessional: During processions at the beginning & end of the service, they may carry candles, crosses, or other ceremonial items as they accompany the clergy.
• Assisting the Priest: Throughout the Mass, altar boys may assist the priest by holding the missal, ringing bells at key moments, or presenting items such as the water and towel for the priest to wash his hands.
• Eucharistic Celebration: Altar boys often have a crucial role during the Eucharistic celebration, where they assist in preparing the altar, holding the paten and chalice, and ensuring reverence and order during this sacred moment.
• Spiritual Growth and Development: Beyond their practical duties, serving as an altar boy offers a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and development. By actively participating in the liturgy, altar boys deepen their understanding of the faith and cultivate a sense of reverence for the sacred mysteries being celebrated.

The Altar Servers’ Association of Udupi Parish :
The Altar Servers Association of Udupi Parish is comprised of boys from grade 5 to 10 who show keen interest to play a crucial role in assisting priests during religious ceremonies and Mass. These dedicated servers are responsible for various tasks, including lighting candles, carrying sacred objects, and assisting the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist.
Beyond their practical duties, participation in the Altar Servers Association offers young members a chance for spiritual growth and development. Through their service, they not only deepen their understanding of faith but also cultivate important values such as responsibility, teamwork, and respect for tradition. It also serves as a nurturing ground for vocation. Currently 37 active members are part of this association who are guided by the Parish Clergy.

Altar boys play an integral role in the rich tapestry of religious traditions, embodying the values of service, reverence, and dedication within the faith community. Their contributions enhance the beauty and solemnity of religious ceremonies, inspiring others to deepen their own spiritual journey. As we honor the sacred role of altar boys, we recognize the profound impact they have in enriching the worship experience for believers around the world.