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Parish Priest Speaks

Greetings to you all,
Every person, a creation of God is a social being. We are all a part of this society. Relating to each other and participating in various events will help us showcase our personality and grow. Similarly every organization also needs to showcase its vision and mission to others to be known and to reach out to them by which a lot of good can be achieved.

Mother of Sorrows Church is one such institution which caters to the needs of hundreds of people in and around its vicinity. There are around 1000 Christian families attached to this Church and many institutions who spread the great values to others. The people who relate to it and its vision and mission would bring about an admirable change in themselves and in the life of the other.

Our Church is dedicated to Mother of Sorrows who helps us relate to God to offer our prayers, supplications and anxieties to our creator. Our Church has served not only Christians but people of all faiths in very many different ways such as social, spiritual, educational and material needs. People come to her abode seeking intervention of Mother Mary in all their life aspirations and we all are instrumental in bringing them together to build a society where love, peace, justice and unity prevails.

We are blessed to be in the abode of Mother Mary. God has embedded us with great talents in every facet of the society. God has helped us to build this community of love through our consistent efforts and through his blessings. We remember our forefathers who have lived their faith and sacrificed a lot for us, so that we could continue to keep up that spirit in faith and service. We are blessed to be your pastors to present God to you through our service of love. We have experienced it from you at this Church. We sincerely thank you for what you are to us.

As we launch this upgraded website based on the present day needs we wish that all our people, small, young and old may come together and utilize this media to the utmost benefit. Thus we celebrate life in and around our Patron Mother Mary and the God we believe. We priests and religious along with you all the faithful shall build a community of love. Let this social media unite us all to be in the service of each other in the example of Jesus Christ our Master. God bless you all.

V. Rev. Fr Charles Menezes
Parish Priest

Our Shepherds

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in 1936, ascended as the 266th Pope in March 2013, championing humility, social justice, and tackling global challenges like poverty and climate change.

Most Rev. Dr. Gerald Isaac Lobo is the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Udupi. Born and brought up in the Agrar. A small town in Dakshina Kannada district. Born on 12 November 1949.

Fr. Charles Menezes, ordained in 1991 in Mangalore, shifted to Udupi post- 2014, leading YCS/YSM India and serving as IYCS International Chaplain till 2019. Currently, he's the Parish Priest at MOS-church Udupi.

Rev. Fr Leo Praveen D'Souza is the asst parish priest in Mother of Sorrows Church.

Rev. Fr Vijay Joyson D'Souza , is a principal in St Mary’s Eng Medium (CBSE) School.

Our Patron

Mother of Sorrows

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is known as Our Lady of Sorrows, also known as Mater Dolorosa, the Sorrowful Mother, and Our Lady of Piety. She is called this because she endured unbelievable pain throughout her life, including witnessing her Son's Passion and Death on the Cross.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary are:
1. The Prophecy of Simeon and Anna
2. The Flight into Egypt
3. The Loss of the Child Jesus
4. The Condemnation of Jesus
5. The Crucifixion of Jesus
6. The Retrieval of Jesus' Body
7. The Burial of Jesus

Some say that when we fall ill or endure suffering, it has nothing to do with whether we'd been virtuous or vicious, prudent or foolish. She knows intimately our sufferings, and bore similar sufferings with grace.